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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gonna be a short one today...

Not a whole lot to show for what I've been doing...  But I still feel like I've done some major stuff! Was able to find some scrapbook paper to double as wallpaper for the dining area, and fit in with the color scheme of the ceiling medallion I made from the tin lid. That is major kudos to me, because I didn't think I'd find anything to match to it, and I reeeeally wanted to! lol I also managed to prime the kitchen and dining area ceilings(needed to do that before I do any plasterwork.)

In regards to the priming before plastering if you're unaware it helps to keep any of the color(tannins) from the wood leaching through and coloring the plasterwork. Going to give that a bit more time to make sure it's completely dry and will hopefully start on some plastering tonight. Have also decided to see if I can't possibly get some of my exterior paint on the house. Would like to see the base of the shell taken care of, and if I'll like the India Green I picked for it.

Until next time...

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