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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Flooring and sanding...

My first of three!
Two words that really seem just a bit more than interchangeable in my mind at the moment! Though I really must say the difference between wet and dry sanding is incredible(a lot less dust), will in all likelihood be doing more wet sanding than what I have after doing my porch yesterday. Haven't applied color at all to the dining area floor, but I have put polyurethane on the border pieces. Soooo, think I'm going to look at what stains I have available and see what I can do to start making my pattern come to life(crossing my fingers I can do this half as well as I can envision it in my head.)

To be honest I also started work on a Creatology Puzzle House. I got three of these free from a member on another forum site that I frequent, she mentioned they just weren't her cup of tea... Have to say though it really went together easily. Sort of like a house by number kit, though it looks very much like it's name sake -- a puzzle. I have some definite plans for it to look more house like... Not going to get too into it at the moment though. If anyone else is like me and hasn't heard of these it's a half scale house or 1:24 scale. Basically you can have a whole house in a lot less space!  :)

For now I'm going to get back to work on flooring and decking, hoping that I can actually remember to take a picture or two of progress as I go...

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