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Friday, February 18, 2011

Something other than minis...

Late post due to my involvement in other projects throughout the day. Had decided to clean out my work area and reorganize, so as to make it a little bit easier for me to work on my different projects. This involved some major thinking on my part(as well as some heavy lifting!)
Which thusly led to a low blood sugar tonight... Not something I've had sneak up on me in quite some time, but thankfully wasn't incapacitating as others have been. Think that's just one of my many reasons as to why I can get enjoyment making things for OPK's, but can't see myself as ever having any of my own.

Anyways, to update I did manage to get some plasterwork done around my dining room ceiling medallion. Not completely happy with it, something in fact I know I'll be working on to try and improve my technique on. For this application though, I think I can live with it. Still need to apply a coat of gesso, and then do some highlights on it -- but at least the plaster is dry.

I now have three defined spaces for the three houses I'm working on inside, along with my Harrison dh set up out in the shop. I've had the thought since seeing several different conservatory options of combining the dh hobby with another hobby I've not done as much as I'd like to recently -- stained glass. I can see it perfectly in my mind, a nice stained glass conservatory -- may see if I can do that for the rehab also, but I can totally see it for the Harrison... I sometimes wonder how it is I can have so many blessed ideas rattling around in my head, and seemingly so little time to get to them. lol Think that's why so many miniaturists(myself certainly included) have their some day/wish lists. For me there are several house kits I'd love to get my hands on, but more specifically so many different things I'd like to try my hand at in their constructions. Examples for me would be those seemingly simple things like different techniques for flooring, stucco work, stone work, etc... Just seems there are so many options, and I would really like to make sure I find that which best suits not only my abilities but also the houses as well.

While I'm not going to be posting a pic today of the ceiling, I thought I would post a picture of the Duracraft Farmhouse 500. I've been asked by an old friend from high school days if I would be willing to make one of these for her daughter for Christmas. Plenty of notice and time to really do it right, and if nothing else a way for me to see yet another type of kit. I've found it truly amazing looking through the pieces how much differently the construction of this house is in comparison to what I've done so far with the tab and slot kits. This is literally a whole different ball game. No tabs or slots so much at the moment, but lots of tongue and groove siding that you glue together in different configurations to make up the walls of the house...This is just a photo of what they have on the box label, and luckily enough I was asked to paint this in a red like an old country farmhouse... Just letting the ideas percolate in the brain for the time being as to how I'm going to do this one.

So many houses so little time...

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