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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Still scoring tiles...

Yeppers, that's right -- still scoring the little tiles. There are times I've realized when you get one of those AHA moments, you know the ones you just can't ignore -- that no matter if you think they'll be perfect, getting to that point is going to take a while...
Boy is this one taking a while! I can't complain too much though, other than the simple matter that my hands are cramping up just a bit. I do however have a couple packs of brand new wonderfully sharp Xacto blades, and if I go through those then I've a utility knife I've come to love to use as well. : D

Besides working on scoring all those blessedly wonderful little tiles(typed with just a bit of sarcasm going through my mind,) I've also been cutting down craft sticks. I unfortunately don't have anywhere around to get skinny sticks to work with so am working with what I've got(figure this has to be a given at some point for any miniaturist.) The craft sticks will hopefully be glued down tonight for my second floor deck, right now it's just plain wood and not looking too inspiring. Figure once it's glued on sanded down and any spots that need putty filled in, then it will be time to figure just what type of stain I wish to use that will go with my exterior color scheme... Maybe I'll just seal them with poly and let the natural pine color show through. Thinking they'll probably end up stained, or some sort of light paint wash to give them a bit more color. More research I think will be in order before I settle on an idea for it.

Anyways, going back to the grindstone... I meant tiles. Really I did!

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