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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Expect the unexpected...

Baby blue before...
 After working on ceilings and picking out wall coverings, decided to work some more on the outside. As I had previously mentioned I was going to paint the main shell of the house a color called India Green. Only problem with that idea was evidently the paint was older than I knew. Literally when I opened the paint to stir it up -- it was chunky.
Chunky paint I can tell you is not a pretty thing to look at... at all. So will be disposing of not only the color but that idea. Since I still wanted to get started on the outside of the house I decided to browse the paint I had on hand... Lo and behold I found another shade of green -- completely different, but the seed sprouted in my mind to go ahead and try it. I can't tell you what color this one is, as it was a mis-tint off the shelves at Walmart(love browsing that section.) I can tell you though that I REALLY like it!

New green...

As it stands though instead of being the sage/mossy green I was previously envisioning -- the house is going to have a jewel toned look to it. Not so much an emerald green, but puts you in mind of richness when you look at it. I think I may just like this unexpected color change more than my originally planned color. Other plus to this, is that my main accent colors aught to still work with this as well! That to say the least has put a smile on my face. Not to mention, I really like the way this paint covers -- it's by Kilz, so no priming needed(had enough of that with the interior) out of their Casual Colors collection. Definitely a thicker paint, but I don't think I'll have to do a second coat at all. : D Unfortunately the color doesn't show true in the photo, it's actually a bit lighter than seen in the picture, but it at least gives an idea as to what it will look like. Cannot wait until the weather is better and I can get it outside for a good photo in the sunlight!

Until next time though I'm going back to scrape, sand, and paint some more  : )


  1. I love this house and I am enjoying watching you fix this one. Too bad the ones that come up on eBay are so expensive. It would be fun to build another, hmmm ....

  2. Don't I know it, last one I say on there was listed at $250! The Petite Dreams furniture seems to go for a bundle also -- though I'm really liking the idea of making furniture for this like built in cabinets and shelving... Going to depend on if the family I have this in mind for will want it, and if their grandma will want to furnish it or have it at least started on furnishings. lol