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Saturday, February 26, 2011

New windows

Not a whole lot to post about today, other than that I have started making new window panes. Wanted originally to make these out of thin glass...
However, got the okay today that the home I wanted this house to go to is more than glad to take it in. So with seven girls of varying ages, I figured better to be safe for them than sorry. Decided to cut new windows out of some polystyrene sheets. These are nice because all you need to do is score them and then break them apart. I will in all likelihood do some lead lines with liquid lead.

Other than that all I've really been working on is painting more of my outside panels. Was really hoping I'd be able to scoot by with only one coat of the paint, but noticed a wee bit of crackling. So used my handy dandy free paint tray and roller from that free paint sample deal. Looks like this aught to do it for these panels thankfully. Have to say though -- I'd rather take the time to really do this right, as opposed to seeing this house stay stuck at where it was when I got it from Craigslist.

Also still trying to figure how it is I'm going to do my trim pieces. Was planning on doing an ivory color for the main railings, but with this nice jewel toned effect I'm contemplating a bit more of a yellow to it... Has me looking at my leftover paint from doing my niece Alyssa's house. Thought it would be too bright against my original green color, but now... not so sure. Which knowing me basically means I'll do a sample piece with each color and see which I like best. Funny thing is I'm also now looking at replacing my burgundy with a color called Baroque Plum -- somewhat more of a mauve look to it. Just think that will help to soften the over-all effect, as I don't want this house to be an in your face sort of building. I'd like very much if when people saw it, they went closer to look at it because it caught their eye. Not because they wanted to see just how ugly it was up close in person. Think this house has already been that route due to people's lack of interest or care to learn how to spruce it up...

Just goes back to one of my original statements, I'd like to breathe some life back into this old girl.  : )

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