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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Paint sample is here!

It's here!

As evidenced by the picture my paint sample is here! Quite a bit brighter than I had figured it would be, but still confident it will get used in good time. Hat's off to Valspar though -- not only do you get the 8 oz paint sample of your choice, they also include a paint chip card to show complementary colors and also a card to show good accent options...
PLUS, you get a great little paint tray and small rollers to put your sample on the wall. In this case however those little rollers will get used for the dollhouse. lol Oh, there's also a $5 coupon off your next gallon of paint you buy from Lowe's from the Valspar selections.

As is, for the evening we're now getting lots more rain, following the previous snow. So have decided to work up a cardboard template for my staircase tonight. Remember this house was a Craigslist find so it was missing a few pieces. Such as both staircases and the front door. As is though, gives me a chance to see if I'm any good with making components completely from scratch, as opposed to just from a kit. Would like to think I am, but still I think I'll always be my own worst critic. Have to laugh as my mother is always going on about how great everything's looking on it. I can look at the same piece however and find quite a few things that still need work... Though given I've always been like that with anything I make or do.

Ah well, it all keeps me busy and away from that which makes me un-happy. Suppose minis are like that for a good number of us that get hooked -- cathartic in a way. Which is not only good for us when we need it, but good for whomever benefits with the house. I'd like to think someday I may actually keep one, but I don't honestly see that happening any time soon. Which is kind of scary when you think of the amount of not only hours of labor but also money and basic materials. But to those that like to point that out to me, in return I can only say it's all for a good cause. Heck my nieces dollhouse I made for her, if everything was added up it'd be well over several hundreds of dollars. My father claims after watching how much time, effort, and yes some definite expense in helping her get a start of furniture for her little home -- that he believes I was crazy/and or lost my mind.

Old saying though that I've always loved "I'm in my own little world, but it's okay -- they know me here!" Something that runs through my mind when I hear his rants such as that. Funny though, because as of recently I think he's started to come around a bit to the idea of it. If not, at least he's not being as condescending about it. lol

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