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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Current progress...

Well, let's see from yesterday's progress I can tell you I added a bit more to the dining area ceiling. It hasn't had it's plaster work done yet, but it does have a nice border to go around the ceiling medallion. Tonight I will hopefully get the plaster work done for that room. I'm still somewhat befuddled as to what type of ceiling I will be putting into the kitchen area.
Main reason being that most of the upper class Victorian homes didn't have plain white ceilings. Whether it was wallpapered, paneled, or had murals -- but they didn't like white ceilings... So I'm trying to figure just what will look right in my kitchen area for this house...

Also, I did do some plasterwork last night -- basically finished up some more of my stone work foundation. Haven't done any painting on this yet as I would like to have all the drywall mud on and etched before I start painting. That way if there's any cracking or whatnot I can patch it and then hopefully get the painting done in one fell swoop.

Was still finding fault in my dining area parquet, which is now being done with a simple classic 4 finger design -- but my problem was that you couldn't really see the definition between the sections of each square of parquet. Didn't want to chance trying to paint the lines in a darker color, because I figured I'd end up coloring outside of where I was trying... However, I did find that taking a simple #2 pencil(in this case mechanical for a finer line) and going over the lines -- defined them just enough. So after gluing I should be applying polyurethane tonight and those pencil lines won't budge. At least that's my sincere hope, and I believe it should work. Pulling out the poly also gives me a chance to do another coat on the living room or to be historically accurate the drawing room floor... When I get done with my parquet floors I'd really like for them to be as smooth as glass.

Yeah, I know perfectionism on this will probably be my undoing -- but it seems I can't help myself. Oh, and I think I've figured out where my Victorian house will go when it's completed! : ) There are several girls of varying ages I believe may get a kick out of this house. As a couple of the girls are still pretty young, have decided to skip electrification of this house. As it stands my Tudor inspired cottage is still the only one with lights. lol But, I really think if one house can help to bring a smile to seven little girls -- well, then it's a job well done. Still have to see what their family members will say in regards to my gifting them with this, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed it's a yes... Let you know when I find out, which probably won't be for a little while until I have the house built and finished up that I bring the subject up.

I've also had the idea put to me about selling the houses I make, still not completely sure I can see anyone wanting to pay for one of these... But hoping as I go along that my builds and rehabs will continue to get better. Someday maybe it'll happen, until that time -- I just intend to enjoy the process of the build!

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