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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Floors, walls, and some other things...

Well, today I've managed to squeeze in some definite work on the Victorian. Went out to the shop and scraped some more of the hideous paint job off of it. That led to sanding and my losing track of time... So by the time I couldn't feel fingers or nose, decided it was time to head back into where there was heat! As it stands though I've managed to make it to where there are only four more pieces to scrape paint off of before I manage to prime and start piecing this house back together.

I have also managed to start leveling out my stone looking floor tiles for the kitchen. Mod Podge in the matte finish seems to be working well for that idea, once I wet sand that for the last time I aught to be able to clear seal it and have a nice looking floor... hopefully! I also received three half scale puzzle houses in the mail today, so tomorrow perhaps we'll see if they're so quick and easy to put together or not... Hoping that I'll be able to make these look more like the house part than the puzzle. Guess we shall see.

Until next time I'll be off working on more flooring, and looking at possible patterns for that dining area. Really wanting to do some sort of Celtic knot work pattern for that so I'll be looking through some of my pattern books and figuring out how to scale them down...

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