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Friday, February 4, 2011

A Quick Hello...

I've never done this blogging bit before, but have been inspired by so many of the artisans that I follow in their mini endeavors.. Today I was surprised to find that I will be receiving an Artply Fernbrook dollhouse, and while I have three other builds in progress -- well to say the least I am just super excited! Anyways, had the thought that if I had this blog started it may be another push to keep me on track with my other builds...

So do let me update anyone out there as to what I have been working on:

Last week I was able to get a previously used dollhouse called Petite Dreams by a company that is no longer in business. Basically it's a generic version of a Real Good Toy's Alison Jr. It's just got the tower on the opposite side. This had the paint on it that I believe came from the factory on the exterior, as for the interior I have counted numerous layers and various colors as I've scraped the wood free. You name it anything from a flesh tone to purple, grass green to Christmas red -- it's all been done. It also was treated to fabric paint of all things, still has me scratching my head on that one! lol The picture I've included is of this house, and what it looked like when I got it -- if you all look closely you can also see the green foam stuff on the pillar. This house just needs some time and attention, hoping I may be the one to give it what it needs in regards to elbow grease and love. Thinking this will be finished up in an Italianate Victorian style... at least that's what she tells me she'd like!

Then we have the Ebay dh I got really cheap which was the Tiffani dh kit by Whitney, another dollhouse company unfortunately out of business as far as I know. This is my first "true" bash in that I've added on a small room addition on the side, changed out the door and windows, and will not be using one piece of the numerous pieces of gingerbread trim on this. This house I didn't see so much as the Victorian it was portrayed as, but it seems well suited to become a Tudor inspired cottage...

For the other house that is currently in the shop awaiting my return to it when the weather warms up some is the Harrison dollhouse by Greenleaf. This is portrayed as a Tudor, but I think in all likelihood while I'll keep some of that -- it will probably be modernized a bit... Still figuring on that one though, when it starts to talk to me I only hope I'm ready to listen! Funnily enough, I thought this would be the largest dollhouse I'd ever have luck to work on. Just goes to show you if you have patience any dream can be a reality! Because I'd looked at houses like the Worthington and just drooled over them, here it is that the Fernbrook is like that but has an added 6" in depth! So stoked!!!

So with all of that you see, I'm looking at picking up the Fernbrook next week, going to try and be good and not jump right into that while I have these other houses looking to be brought back or brought to life. But boy I can't wait to even see it! Meanwhile, I think I'm heading back out to the shop to strip more paint. Fun times!!

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