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Sunday, March 27, 2011

A whole lot of repetition!

At least in regards to dollhousing today... Basically I decided(yet again) to focus my efforts on good looking floors. Which today meant using poly, letting it dry, sanding, and repeating again.. Think I'm going to do at least one more coat and see how I like it from there. I have yet to keep a house I've worked on for myself, which I think is pushing me to attempt better work. At least I'd like to think so...

I keep hoping that with each build/project I might continue to not only learn from others, but also better my own attempts from each "learning" experience. For example, I'm learning how to type one-handed while blogging so as to keep my dog happy! He has a definite whimper that tugs at the heart strings if he doesn't have a hand on himself. Yes, my fur babies are just a wee bit spoiled... ;)

So, have been not only thinking about the Townhouse remodel and the Walmer house kit, but caught myself dreaming of them today. Nice little daydream of what I could do with each... They're definitely going to have to have families. Haven't gotten the directions yet for the mansion, but I've begun to really picture it in my mind. I think these two houses are going to be different from anything I've worked on yet, as I've begun imagining the interior first -- normally it's the exterior I picture so clearly in my mind at first... Should be interesting, they both have larger footprints -- so I'm really thinking it's smarter to just take it slow and listen to them first... Though goodness only knows when inspiration hits if I'll take it so slow then! lol

Til tomorrow guys :)

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