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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Picture update...

Okay, finally got my picture of the "marble" hallway with the inlaid wood. I really was wanting to try some of my veneers that I had gotten for the inlay, but the depth difference between that and my "marble" would have been really noticeable... at least to me. lol So, instead as mentioned previously used stripwood instead. I think it turned out fairly good.

Have decided I'll try my hand with the veneers in the room that the hall will open into -- the master bedroom. I'm not sure what the pattern is called, but the picture will show my inspiration for the flooring. Though I'm going to differ my pattern a bit in that there will be two different woods used, and I think I'm going to reverse the angle on the opposite side of the room. I realize that probably doesn't make too much sense. Hopefully when I'm done cutting and gluing all the pieces though I can take a picture to show you guys what I mean.

Until tomorrow, hope whomever may read this has an excellent day.  :)

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