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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Better late than never!

Mini foundling

Not a lot to update for the dollhouse, other than that I've still been working with veneer strips and decoupage images. Want to get the floors looking really good, given once it's finished it won't be around for me to be bothered if it's not "perfect," but I like to know if I'm gifting it to others that they have a good basis to start with.
Now as to why I'm late with the post -- have an outside cat that gave birth today. As far as I'm aware she only had two kittens. Unfortunately, while she's taken a good liking to the first -- she basically gave birth in the yard and walked away from the second. Have to admit, after numerous clutzy injuries throughout my life, I'm not too squeamish normally. Today however was a definitive first in having to cut an umbilical cord and remove the amniotic sac. After that I cleaned the kitten up and thought it might have a chance if I put it with the first. Rubbed them together lightly to transfer the scent, and then hoped for the best that she'd take care of both.

Sadly that doesn't seem to be the case, and with the temperature dropping when I last went out I let my soft heart convince me to see if I couldn't bring it in and at least give it a chance at life. If you're wondering by this time the momma cat had moved it's sibling to another nesting site and left this one. So, looked up a homemade kitten glop recipe(replacement milk) and whipped up a batch. Also, while mixing together ingredients managed to warm up a washcloth and just cradle it against my body for a bit. Was cold to the touch and seemed to be barely breathing...

Now however is a different story! lol I've set up a shoebox with a heating pad at one end and some scrunched up paper towels over all. Plan to go pick up some Pedialyte/or Poly Vi Sol to get some added electrolytes in since I don't think it got to nurse from it's mother at all. However it's taken to being fed with the syringe for the moment, and when I don't think it'll have too much issue plan to switch it over to a bottle.

Keep your fingers crossed if you will, I know when they start out this rough keeping 'em going is a long haul. Seems it's got the heart of a fighter though, so I'll help it as much as I can for as long as I can. Here's to hpoing for the best.


  1. Kelli, I want to hear the story about the mini foundling. He is really cute.

  2. Unfortunately Casey what I've already put up, and the addition that besides being left it looked like either the mother or one of the other outside kitties tried to eat or play with it. Several bite marks all over the body. Sadly it passed in my hands this morning. :( Trying to look at the bright side that at least it had a bit more love and care than what it would have had if I'd left it outside to freeze. Such a rough start for the little one, but at least I do have the recipes for replacement milk should anyone else wind up in the same spot. Here's to hoping though that no one else needs it, don't like seeing animals suffering. I've always been soft-hearted, or a sucker as my dad likes to state, when it comes to one in need. Every animal in the house is a hard luck case of sorts.