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Friday, March 4, 2011

Extremely early post!

Normally I find myself sitting down to blog incredibly late... however since I have yet to get to sleep thought I'd go ahead and update what I managed last night. Finished painting the last of the siding(hallelujah!) Also, as mentioned worked on scoring some more of my flooring tiles. While doing that had the thought of doing a different sort of look for my second floor hallway. Had the thought to do a marble floor with wood inlay...
Not sure if it will happen but figure today I may well cut some rl floor tile down for the "marble" and piece together with some strip wood. May look good may not, so I may as well check it out to see. lol

Also, today I stumbled across a neat idea for a blog giveaway at Mels Miniatures. She's looking to give away a free doll mold when she reaches 300 followers. As of now, I believe she's with-in about 50 or so of hitting that mark. I must say I believe she makes some of the most believable mini food I've had the pleasure to see. If your mini people are hungry, I'd look at her blog and then hop over to her etsy store to see what's available.  :)

For now I'm going back to taking care of the cat I've been up all night with and looking at some way to spruce up my rooftop. If you're wondering I'm just being finicky and don't like the way my slate tiles came out. Not the paint job so much, though I wasn't crazy about that, but the pattern just seemed off to me for a rooftop patio. So while I sit here with my buddy Tourette by my side, figure I'll browse some more photos on-line for more inspiration from real life for my minis...

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