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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Not too much...

I know looking back at this week it seems to me at least that I haven't accomplished so much with the house. Today however I had an important date with a dog and a shower, followed up with medicated cream for his skin. Stinks when you're low to the ground with allergies that hit ya in the spring -- at least so he tells me. Have to say I feel sorry for him, he'd just about nibbled himself bald with his itching. Just stinks b/c I know he doesn't like the medicated lotion for his skin, and have to admit it doesn't smell so great. If it keeps him from itching so bad though, this will become a more regular occurrence(don't tell him that!)

For now I'm going to go cut some more strips of veneer, and see if I can't get more of the floors done. Finally figured out what I'm doing for the nursery, and if I can figure how to do it -- I'll hopefully be posting some nifty photos soon. :)

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