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Monday, March 21, 2011

Decision day!

 I'll explain the picture in just a moment...

If anyone read yesterday's post I was really excited to see the Greenleaf Spring Fling announcement. The kit is awesome looking by the way! Reason I was so looking forward to seeing it though, was because it was going to be either that or I was going to go ahead with a different project that had caught my eye. Funny because while the kit this year doesn't per se look like the Tiffani, the roof line and gable really remind me of this kit. Which I already have going being made into a Tudor themed house. Then the SF kit has all these awesome options for different additions... but I've already done that with my Tiffani kit. lol

So after figuring up the cost which I will freely admit is a good part of my deciding factor -- if I got the SF kit with the seperate options I would like, it would cost as much as the other kit I've been ogling for the last several weeks. Which for those that don't know what that one is, it's an older Walmer Bay Mansion kit! :) Took me a while to figure out who made the kit, since it wasn't listed on the paper in the ad that I could read. So, while waiting for the SF kit to be shown I've been researching and looking all over to see if I couldn't find more information as to who made the Bay Mansion kit and how many rooms, ceiling heights, room measurements, anything in regards to it.

I've gotten confirmation that the kit is mine. The gentleman that's selling it has stated all parts are there except(yeah I hate that except) the directions on putting it together... That's been another big part in my decision as to whether or not to go ahead and get it. BUT(this one's good) as a last resort in looking for directions on putting this bad lad together I e-mailed Walmer Enterprises today. I kid you not, in less than an hour I had a reply from the company stating that they saved copies of all their dollhouse plans, and since I had provided the kit name and number I was looking for they would pull a copy and send it to me. That sealed the deal as to what one I'm getting! I will have a 15 room(possibly more, dependently if I change the floor plan at all) beautiful Victorian styled mansion. From what I have been able to tell this has a 12 inch ceiling height, which is consistent with RL mansions having taller ceilings than the normal house ceiling heights. I don't know yet if it comes with shingles or not, but it's got some nice mansard style roofs -- thinking possibly a two tone shingle pattern already... This kit is just letting me see so very many possibilities already, and it's not even here yet! Oh yeah, last point of this I was told by the guy I'm getting it from it's in three boxes due to the weight of the kit. While we were figuring out shipping options I realized that not only will this house be my height when completed, but it also weighs as much as me.. lol A true real life mini mansion, I can't wait!!!

From the kits I've been putting together so far, I've been enjoying the different options -- both the tab and slot like the Greenleaf Laurel I first made for my niece Alyssa(the one that has so wonderfully started me on this addictive dollhouse journey) or the Whitney Tiffani which is being made into the Tudor cottage and also the Harrison, the peg and glue assembly of my Petite Dreams aka The Victorian I've been diligently working on, and also a puzzle house(I've got a couple more of those waiting under the bed with the Fernbrook which I'm not forgetting.) However I'm realizing that the houses I've really been drawn to have been the big ones with plenty of room to really decorate and furnish realistically. Don't get me wrong not saying you can't do the same with smaller spaces -- so many bloggers that I follow show just how much you can, but I seem to have more open-mindedness with the larger houses. lol

I'm going to leave off for now as opposed to writing a full book on my excitement level, but I promise I plan on sharing at least one blog link I found in my quest for house knowledge tomorrow... Lots of neat houses, dolls, and just basic eye candy! Til tomorrow everyone I hope it's a good day :)

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  1. Hi Kelli, my husband and I just acquired this exact model dollhouse through a local thrift shop. We would love more information about this dollhouse. Would you be willing to share a copy of the plans you received? Thank you, Kristina from