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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Exterior of townhouse

Current interior of townhouse

That title says it all! I allowed myself to really think it over, and start envisioning that playscale house -- so after talking with the woman who currently owns it, decided I'm going to have to save it. I was told other wise it would in all likelihood end up on the curb!
Not a good thing, and from what I have seen from most people whom have dollhouses by the Real Good Toys company, they seem well built and of quality materials. Hoping that when I go about bashing it(probably the most change I've envisioned right off seeing a house) that I won't detract from what it had going for it originally. I know I know, we're all our own worst critics -- and I've been like that for as long as I can remember. At least I know when I work on something it's getting my all. lol

Anyways, decided in regards to this one there isn't going to be a deadline and it's not going to be thought out where it's going until it's actually done. This one is nearly as tall as me(add 4 inches and it's there,) so I'm figuring it will definitely take time. Not to mention I've my other big project house of the Fernbrook still waiting patiently under the bed... They just seem to keep multiplying, but if they keep multiplying and are free like these have been -- well, I'm just gonna have to let them. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll manage it somehow. lol Back to subject of this townhouse though, it's currently made to have 3 levels with a 14" floor to ceiling height. I'm looking to change this to be more along the lines of a 9" ceiling height which would allow for the addition of at least one more floor. Then basically I'll need to remove all the windows and door, and change them out to be 1" scale. Which as I see it shouldn't be too much of an issue as I can then fill in with plywood as needed, and hopefully be able to cover any evidence with drywall compound to give it the look of a stone exterior. Brownstone comes to mind first, but I may yet opt for a more traditional brick or stone facade...

So, besides still sketching out possibilities for the townhouse, decided to do some more work on the Victorian. Repainted a couple panels with siding, paint was pretty good but there was some slight crackling at the bottom so touched that up. Also, since the weather was nice today went out to the shop and did some more sanding. Still have two wall panels hinged together, which I have to admit of any one thing I'm glad to be getting rid of on this building -- it has to be the hinges, ugly and out of place they are. Hoping by tomorrow I'll have a figured something out to remove them, but they not only have been painted over numerous times but are also apparently stripped. Ugh! Got the others out though so I'm confident I'll get these little nuisances removed as well.

Until tomorrow hope all is going well for everyone!  :)

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