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Monday, March 14, 2011

Fun with glue :)

That was typed with just a bit of sarcasm. lol Didn't like the way my veneer strips for the second floor bedroom floor looked so peeled them off, and decided to do some plank flooring strips in the middle of the floor. That way I'll still be able to do a fancy border around the outside edge.
However, knowing my luck so far on working on this -- I flubbed it up also, or at least enough that while it's been looked at and I've been told it looks good... well I just don't like it. So I'll in all likelihood be peeling this endeavor out and sanding the floor down again. By the end of this, if nothing else I'll be a pro at taking out bad flooring.

On the bright side I did get the taxes finished up yesterday. That definitely put a smile on my face. I also decided to be a smart girl and not get the additional dollhouse kit... At least not that one, it would've been a huge mini-house, and while I don't necessarily follow directions I still find it helpful if the kit has them. This kit alone is in three seperate, fairly large boxes -- I do hope whomever takes it, not only has room for it but can really do it justice. Though the gentleman that has it told me if he doesn't unload it with-in a couple of weeks, he'll call me again and give me the heads up if I might rethink it.

For now though, I'm sitting here pondering just what the devil I want to do with that bedroom floor. I know from going through all of the books on Victorian styling through different rooms that there was a real swing through the era in styles and colors. One thing that stayed fairly stable though was their lack of real show in the bedroom. Yes, it would be where the female of the house got to really show her feminine flair in styles in the bed and decor -- but the floors, well they weren't necessarily as fancy as the rest of the "public" domain of the house. My only issue here then is that I've been trying to give real flair to each rooms floors. So, this is going to very simply end up that the contractor on this project is going to win out over historic accuracy and I'm gonna have my way with fancy floors in each room. lol

Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have figured out something for this rooms floors that will work for me -- until then, hope everyone has a safe one.  =]

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