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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Not a whole lot today...

Not a whole lot to really update on today. Other than the magnificent point that I FINALLY got those darned hinges removed, and was able to bring in the last two wall panels to paint the siding. Already have them sanded down and cleansed, and yes the first coat of paint is drying while I type. Was odd getting those hinges removed, since they had been painted over and I was so much the idiot trying to remove them that I accidentally stripped the screws(whoops!) However, I was able to heat the hinges just enough for the screws to loosen up and then was able to remove from there.  :)

Also, I only have one last piece in the shop for the entire house which is a floor/ceiling piece. The side that will be a ceiling is already down to bare wood, but the side that was a floor still had a lot of paint on it. Sooo, after attempting to sand it down some decided to just go ahead and use the Citri-strip. I really do like this stuff for paint stripping -- a) it doesn't smell horrible and b) it's one of the safest paint/varnish strippers I've come across. Tomorrow I should be able to go out and scrape the paint off like a knife through butter. If it was only one coat of paint being removed I'd normally be able to do so in about 20 minutes or so. However, after having already dealt with several pieces of this house with the seemingly endless coats of bad paint, I've learned giving it some extra time to really eat through the paint is a good idea.

Parquet inspiration
Also, have started working on scoring some more of the GL flooring tiles for another parquet pattern in the house. The pattern I've found was entitled Montecito, and I'm hoping to duplicate it for the second floor. For some reason I'm really liking the effect of two or more tones of wood in the same pattern, but I don't want to use the same pattern over and over. Thus I'm going for a different flooring pattern in each room. Thankfully, at least for the first floor I don't think the various patterns look too busy... hopefully that continues throughout the next two floors.

Have also been able to do a bit more research on house plans for Victorian era houses, and so far my plans for the first floor seem to be relatively on par. The second floor is going to be a bit different since I'm including a bathroom, but again if it's a house that originated and then came through the ages -- well, I'm still thinking it aught to work fairly well...

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