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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Contemplating the options of tiles...

Not a whole lot to report for the day's dollhouse work. Again, I think it's one of those things with the bedroom floor until I have it completely done it just doesn't seem like I get too much done on it -- just a bit of my impatience coming through I think. I like those projects you can sit down and whip out in a short amount of time sometimes... Seems this is one of those times. lol Ah well, it's coming along slowly but surely.

I've also been looking at my options for the front porch on the main level. I haven't done anything with that yet, for the simple reason if I go with my original thought of cheap popsicle sticks made into plank wood don't think it would feel right. However, as encaustic tiles were commonly used on Victorian era houses, I've been drooling over different options to attempt to fake. Basically I think I'm just going to attempt to paint on whichever pattern I finally choose. Just a matter of making up my mind. lol

Also, I may have inadvertently stumbled upon another project. My first dollhouse project I worked on was for my eldest niece Alyssa. Now I think I may have found one that will go to the youngest Adrianna... dependent of course if I'm able to get the kit for a decent price. If not I may well decide to try my hand at scratch building what I'm thinking of for her. Will also be able to double as a night light of sorts for her if needed. Not going to dwell on that now though, as I'd like to let the idea cook in my mind a bit more to make sure it all works in regards to what I'm thinking of. Guess we'll see...

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