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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New pics -- finally!

Yea!!! I finally remembered to grab the camera while doing some of the dh stuff today! I know, it's been how long? lol Anyways, have determined to do two kids rooms. I suppose one could be made into a nursery if they want, I'll be doing that with a fairytale type theme to it. The other room I've been excited to do is themed on horses. The family this is going to -- horses are a major love!

After finding a picture of horses that came up in a google search of free horse clipart I printed out three different pics that I really liked. Took them out the other day and used a clear spray sealer to seal them, and today glued one up. I had this one picked out to go by the door because it is the exact height, and therefore just awesome looking. Not sure if I'm going to put interior doors on this or not. Figure I may do a portiere type of thing on the other side if necessary. But there are a couple of smaller kids that may from time to time play with this, and doors I just don't see holding up so well to that type of play for now...

Anyways, that first picture is of my recycling efforts in effect. The stripwood used on the townhouse floors that I picked up was done in playscale. Which if I'm successful when I rehab that one it won't be any longer, but will instead be 1:12. So got to thinking that it would be good if I could reuse that wood somehow, however realized while removing it that it was just glued in with the paperbacking. So pulled out the old spraybottle, added a bit of warm water and fabric softener and sprayed the backside of the wood. I rather figure if that combo can remove wallpaper, it aught to be able to remove sticky paper residue. Guess what -- it actually did! lol

I will freely admit I wanted an old barn look so some pieces I made sure to get that were ragged looking. After I glued these up, I took a piece of heavier grit sandpaper to help get rid of some of the sheen still on the wood from previous varnish efforts. Still wasn't satisfied with the look I had, wasn't aged enough I guess... So took what was on hand and mixed up some Burnt Umber and Black acrylic craft paint with some Matte ModPodge, and check out how it came out! I love the effect!!!

Now my only problem is figuring out if I'm going to carry the aged wood effect around the room on the other two walls... If I do I'm thinking I'd only do so on half the wall so as not to have it too dark. But for now, this is the first wall decoration I've done other than the dining room and I really like it(hopefully they will too)!

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