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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Figured out second story bedroom... sort of!

Okay, so as anyone who's read this knows -- I haven't been able to come up with flooring that felt right, to me at least. Soooo, being the brilliantly stubborn fool I manage to be more often than not -- I stayed up a good portion of the evening placing different colored veneers next to each other, and trying different layouts. I think I've finally figured out what I'm going to do for the floor's border, and hopefully the center panel of the floor as well.

Thankfully I haven't been wasting all this time on just that floor, I've also been figuring out my third floor as well. What I had intended to do was make a floor that looked like puzzle pieces out of different veneers... However, that looked a bit busy to me with all the different grain patterns. Instead what I've decided to do is pull out my trusty peel n stick tiles again. I got these on clearance at a local retail shop, and they still tend to go on sale ever so often at the dollar stores as well. Helps to keep your eyes open for these things. lol

Anyways, what I've done is made a transfer of a picture that I've decoupaged on to the tile -- now all I'm going to do is draw various puzzle piece shapes and cut them out. Then glue accordingly on to the nursery floor. I really think this is going to look cute, and hopefully really pop when the kids look at it. Had to laugh as I was going over my plans with my mom earlier. She stated it's your dollhouse do what you want -- to which I replied of course it's not, it's going to those kids. She just shook her head and looked at me and asked "Who's building it?" lol

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