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Sunday, March 6, 2011

More tile flooring...

The outlined tile is to show where the scoring is on each tile.

I know it must seem like all I'm doing in this house so far is tile of one sort or another, and up to this point that's pretty accurate. lol However, I am still managing to come up with or find different inspirations for the patterns for each rooms floor. This one being pictured is what will become a pattern called Montecito(though I'm sure there are probably plenty of other names applied to it as well.) If you look at the outlined tile, you'll be able to see where the individual score marks are on each tile. By tomorrow I'm hoping I'll be able to have them all glued in place to show you the finished project.

As for why I have a bottle of paint in the photo -- made homemade stain by diluting a bit of this paint called Cinnamon Brown with DeNatured Alcohol. Couldn't really tell you the measurements because I made this like I tend to do with my cooking -- mix it til it looks right. I'm just not a big fan of measuring. lol Final coloration I got from this looks quite similar to a Maple stain I'm thinking, has that hint of red undertone, and I quite like it.

Not too much more to post for today other than that I was able to pick up several books from the library in regards to Victorian interiors and architecture. If I find any of them to really be inspirational I'll be sure to post what the titles are and authors for anyone else to look up. :)

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