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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Yuppers, you read that right -- I've done a bit of both today! On one of my niece's Christmas gifts it's been designs for flooring and figuring out if I'll have the luck/skill to pull off an in-laid veneer floor. Basically I think the main key is to remember patience, thus why I'm glad I've started as early as I have! lol

As for the destruction I'm trying today to focus my efforts on the Victoria's Farmhouse. I've now managed to remove every last trace of glue and paint from the roof sections as well as the attic floor. When I get done typing this I'll be headed back out to the shop to use the heat gun to remove that floor. Think if I can I'm going to attempt to do a faux wood floor(this kit is mdf.) Should prove interesting...

For now, hope everyone's having a good one and I'll see if I can't remember to post some eye candy in tomorrows blog entry!  :)

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