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Monday, October 10, 2011

Little bit of work on everything!

Had the day mostly free for minis -- so tried to do a little on everything! Finished painting my stucco in the Tiffani that I've done in a Tudor style... Was just too stark a contrast between all the beams and that white, so I've softened the look to more of an oatmeal color. Like it better because it also really shows the texture of the stucco better. In addition, finally grouted my chimney for my Victorian puzzle house. Working on pin hinging the doors(changed them out from what came with the kit and made my own.) The Petite Dreams house I started free-handing a zebra pattern on the playroom wall, but am not sure how I like it. I was told one of the little girls that will be playing with this house loves zebras, one loves monkeys, the rest all like kittens and horses. Got the horse themed room done(bedroom), a nursery styled with fairy tale images with the basic wall color of pink(crowd favorite for these gals), but the playroom I thought I'd do with a fun zebra print over the wall and then possibly some monkey pictures and other jungle animals on the other walls to make it cohesive... Just seems really busy to my eye at this point, and I've not even painted it yet! Think it's back to the drawing board for that room/house. On the Victorian Townhouse I did manage to get the electrical wires removed finally. Hated doing it, but have not been able to find Playscale lamps that could be electrified and look decent -- so have decide to just remove the outlets and wires, that way I can get down to really refinishing both inside and out. Last but not least -- on the Victoria's Farmhouse, got the roof completely apart and all old glue removed. Have drawn in my guidelines for shingling, though I do need to figure out what color I'm going to stain the shingles yet. Do have a red picked out for the body and some cream for the window trim, not sure yet if I'm going to keep the shutters on or leave them off...

Have also set up a meeting for Wednesday night with the county commissioner for our Relay for Life program(where I'm hoping the Victoria's Farmhouse will go to.) He and I are to discuss raffle options and where to have pictures taken for fliers if they want them made, and also if the local businesses will be willing to display in their windows throughout the holiday season to build interest in it... They don't often have too much to fund raise with in the winter, and it seems this is being looked upon as a great opportunity. Just feels very much like it should be a win/win situation -- this is a very depressed area, so a child that would probably never know the pleasure of owning a dollhouse like this will be treated to a great surprise for Christmas, and hopefully some decent money is raised to help fund research etc...

Til tomorrow, I'm going to go work on the niece's project -- it's progressed to being more of a showy piece than what I originally figured on doing for her. But I'd really like to think of her being able to grow up with it, and when she's an adult still look at it and know it was built with oodles of love for her. Not sharing any of the real details on it til after Christmas though... don't want to ruin the surprise in any way for her.  ;)

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