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Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm baaack!!!

Lucked into a couple of different stoves...
Hopefully I really am this time, with no more hospital visits or anything such as that! Last couple of months I know I've been really quiet on the mini front, both here and the GL forum -- so am going to try and update what I have managed in the last couple of months... both on the mini front and the RL side. lol  Started bartending again as a side job to make some extra pocket money for minis -- mainly because it seems my collection keeps growing.

as well as a couple of different fireplaces!
As of this last weekend I not only went to my first estate sale for the express purpose of miniatures, but I was also blessed in the house department too... Have to share the story of course! lol I normally keep my eye on Craigslist and Freecycle for any dollhouses or kits that may come up and be a good deal, as well as ebay, and a couple of other sites. Anyways, a post appeared stating "Large dollhouse vandalized by neighbor child - $50." I emailed the woman and mentioned to her that I build dollhouses and have taken to rehabbing some for charity purposes. While she couldn't tell me what model it was, she did say if I could make it up to take a look I could have it free if I wanted it, she just needed it out of her house. Got there and realized it was a RGT Victoria's Farmhouse! Yeah, I got excited because I love the layout of this with the side opening access panel. It was put together kind of shoddily(ex. walls were glued crooked, bad paint, and a hideous job shingling) but on the bright side, I think it should be easy enough to get past all that.

The white chair is signed and dated.

Figured though if I'd be driving the distance to see the house, that I wanted to make the trip worth my while -- and realized this estate sale(also a Craigslist find) would be right on the way... I think that house was like my miniature nirvana last weekend -- floor to ceiling minis, and boy did I ever drool! lol I did take some pics and thought I'd upload throughout this post for your viewing pleasure.  =)

In addition to these I have a cousin whom I was unaware was into dollhouse building as well. After finding him on Facebook when we discovered the similar interest he told me he was downsizing his kit collection, and then gave me first dibs on a couple of kits so that he could more easily work on what he's got... Not like I really need any more but I've always loved the look of old houses and painted ladies, and one of his kits definitely screams that! It's called the Golden Gate View by American Craft Products. I truly love the look of this kit!!!  In addition to this I will also be receiving the Lily by GreenLeaf, also another house that I love the look of.

Basically what this boils down to is I really need to make sure that a couple of the ones I've basically finished but been tinkering on, get completely done. That way I have room to work this winter! lol OH, and there's my other big change -- I moved from having one little desk in the work shop outside, to cleaning out a good portion of another outbuilding so that I need not worry about anyone touching any of my houses again. Had an issue with a family member destroying some pieces for my Harrison that I've been working on. After becoming royally ticked off, I decided that there are just times you have to take it that a person's word means nothing, and that if I wanted to make sure everything was safe and sound it needed to be moved elsewhere. Sooo, managed to accomplish that as well.

HOM kit, $2.00  :)

A couple of kit tables in a lot box

Got this with the wood burning cookstove 2 for $5.00

Reeve's Line bathtub - $2.00

Resin fireplace in lot box

Mini garden from shells.
For now that's all I can think of to update everyone... Hope you all have enjoyed at least a little of the eye candy. I personally fell in love with the flowers to the right, they're made out of mini seashells and were a complete surprise to me when I started going through the $2.00 box of shells I had bought. This woman had a definite love of miniatures, and extraordinary patience. I feel truly honored to have even a bit of this collection to incorporate into my own...

Reeve's Line Toilet - $2.00

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  1. Glad you got a chance to play again! Welcome back!