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Saturday, October 8, 2011


Getting used to some changes here with the new Blogger layout, not so sure I like it yet -- but figure it's better if I get used to it rather than fight with it. Been working on getting the last of my shingles painted on the Victorian Puzzle House. This will be a gift to a friend, and I believe I've mentioned the theme was to incorporate her favorite colors -- black, red, and purple... It's definitely an interesting look to say the least! Anyways, once they are dry I'll have the chimney glued on and the porches and should be officially done. One down -- and I'll try to remember to get pics uploaded both here and in my GL gallery.  :)

Also, had removed all of the shingles from the Victoria's Farmhouse(found a splinter today that's been there since I did that, oops) but still needed to get the glue from them off. Found a wallpaper removing gel called DIF, spray it on let it sit for 20 mins and you can scrape the glue off like nothing! Loved using it, and have started making my lines for new shingles. I also have replicated a rear roof piece as that was missing. In addition to the rear roof, one of the room dividers was broken by the doorway... So that got me to thinking I could make a new one of those from my 3/8" plywood. Then of course I realized that while the difference wouldn't be overtly noticeable to most -- well, it'd drive me nuts looking at one wall in one section be thinner than the rest of the interior walls. So yeah, I made new dividers for each floor and then made a couple extra for the simple matter I want some defined areas. I like the changes, as this way I'll be able to have a door into the bathroom and one into a bedroom, without having to go through one to get to another.

Also, I have a meeting set to set up this week with the county commissioner for our Relay for Life program. Had mentioned the possibility of donating a dollhouse to help raise funds for this, and with Christmas coming up we both thought now would be a good time. Sooo, hoping we can work all the kinks out and I can kick it into gear in getting this dollhouse rehabbed and looking good. I've already got a kitchen set I originally bought with my niece's Laurel in mind last Christmas, but it was a bit large for her kitchen -- thinking it may fit well into this house however. Also have a Chrysonbon(sp?) bathroom set for it, and am going to see what other kit furniture I may be able to use. Have that living room set from the estate sale as well... Don't know if I should try to completely furnish it, or if it would be better to leave some rooms for the family that may win the raffle for it to furnish. Any thoughts?

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