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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Couple days longer...

In other words it took me a couple days longer to get all of the first floors flooring done -- but it is now! The faux hardwood I did in the dining room I really like, I used an antique white color as opposed to the light brown or tan suggested in the tutorial I was following. Gives it a nice weathered wood appearance... Just goes with my idea of a farmhouse I guess. For the living room though I decided to do some parquet flooring.

In addition to getting all of the flooring done, I also have paint stripper on several of the walls. While there was nothing paint wise done to the interior of the house, the exterior had plenty of bad(in other words exceptionally ugly brown paint in various shades) paint over globs of glue. Sooo unfortunately have to strip some of that off before I paint it red. However, I did get the first two walls up, glued, and currently clamped in place. Besides that I also went ahead and cut out my roof supports as well as my porch roof pieces. I've seen one other person change the balcony to a porch roof, though I believe she bought RGT's porch addition -- which for those that can spend that kind of money, great idea. But for myself, since the house is a free rehab to begin with... just can't see spending over $100 on something I feel fairly confident I can do from scratch. So we'll see if I'm right or not on that! lol

For now not too much more to update you all on, so going to call it a night and see if I can force myself to sleep. Have a great one if you can!  :D

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