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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Faux flooring in the making!

This will be a short post due to the matter I'm headed back out to the shop to continue working on the House of Hope. Wanted to make sure to update though on my progress. Got all of my floor in the dining room area scored, and went ahead and got the base layer of paint on -- then wiped off. Tomorrow I'll see if I can't get the stain on, and again wiped off to give the appearance of wood grain.

In addition I went ahead and used some of the tiles that I've used on the Petite Dreams house for the entrance hall floor. Not sure what color walls I'll do in that area yet, but I do like the tiles! If the hard wood effect works out in the dining area, I also intend to do that in the living room. Last but not least will be using some of the wood flooring from my Townhouse rehab to do the porch floor in. Though I intend to sand it down and paint it white in all likelihood... I may yet sand it down and just stain it for a more natural look -- but when I think of old red farmhouses, white porches/decks come to mind first!  :)

For now that's all, and giving everyone the heads up, as I will be bartending this weekend I may not post til late tomorrow and Saturday. Hope y'all have a grand day tomorrow!

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