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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Think I'm nuts!

Yes, you read that right! It's about 5:20am here and I'm just now getting in from being out in the shop working on the Victoria's Farmhouse. I've taken to thinking of it as The House of Hope currently. I managed to get that attic floor off last night, and then ended up taking the entire house apart. Mainly due to realizing that not only was the lower side wall glued in crooked, but several panels were glued in upside down... I found that part odd to say the very least!

Anyways, no eye candy for now because I got so caught up in taking everything apart. However, I have managed to strip paint and glue off of several of the panels. Primed a couple of walls to seal them that I will be putting in to change the actual room layout of the house. Also got out the disc sander and plugged that in to sand some of the pieces smooth on the edges... and so as to not just deconstruct today I also graphed out and laid the kitchen floor. I had an old set of faux slate flooring by Lawbre, so did the middle of my floor with that and then finished out the edge in the dark brown vinyl tile by Greenleaf that looks like marble(mainly because it will tie in with my counter color better.) All of the tiles have been glued in place, and the faux slate is already sealed! Would say tomorrow, but instead guess I'll have to say later today I should be able to grout that floor.

Only other bit of news with the house is I'm going to attempt faux hard wood flooring. With mdf I figure this is going to be an interesting journey, hopefully fairly simple to do. Tonight I did get my lines drawn out, and scored several of them to get a start. However, as I was finally starting to wind down and realize how much my back was aching -- decided to come in and update you all before I hit the sack. lol

Hope it's been a great one for everybody!

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