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Friday, October 21, 2011

What you can do in a bed for a dollhouse build...

Yuppers, you all read that right! lol I went out to the shop to work on the House of Hope for a bit tonight, and after being out there realized that even with the heater going -- it was COLD! So I looked around to see what I could bring into the house to work on... and so I have the house's roof before me in bed with my cork backed steel ruler. I've been drawing on my shingle lines -- only thing I'm contemplating changing is the shingle color. I dyed the first 400 a Spanish Oak color -- the color itself isn't bad, but it seems to have dried spotty on a good number of them. Considering thinning some black paint with denatured alcohol and just making them a darker color -- if I do, I'll not thin the paint so much as what I would normally do. I want this stuff to really cover the spottiness of the dye job!  ;)

Hope tomorrow it may be a bit warmer to work on the main house body, and get some more walls painted for the exterior. Though I do have a birthday party to attend for my surrogate niece(she's turning 3,) and from there a "Haunted Trail" to attend to raise money for our local fire department. Have several friends working on this as those that are awaiting guests in the woods to scare, some of whom have a bet going they can scare the heck out of me... I doubt it'll happen, but it aught to be fun if nothing else!

So, until I may next log in here -- have a great one!

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