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Friday, September 14, 2012

A visit back...

At least for me that is! When my niece Alyssa was still living nearby, was a fun past time to go out for walks and search for bits and pieces that could be used for her dollhouse from nature. I always enjoyed those little ventures, as I can only hope she did as well.

As I've still been shingling the Bungalow for donation I wanted something else to work on to feel like I was accomplishing a bit more... They're not instant gratification, but watching the grain come out after so much time spent sanding and poly-ing -- like no other!!!

 So, here are a few quick pictures to show what can be wrought from a walk through the woods with a beautiful child whom has always found wonder in the everyday course of life!  =)


  1. Kelli, are those acorn caps? I have never seen hem sanded and polished like that before. They are really beautiful!

    1. Indeed they are, a Dremel to sand with and about 4-5 coats of poly on them by the time I took these pictures. If you see the ones that are extremely variegated in their coloration the caps are almost smooth to begin with. Grain patterns tend to show up nicer on those. Where as the last picture shows some that were what I would deem "normal" acorn caps. Thanks so much, I've figured these can make some great baskets as well with some of the sizes I'm finding. =)