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Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm a bad bad blogger...

I admit this freely now -- I could give you the excuses of feeling like death this last week with limited mobility... but life is what it is, I'm just having to learn to lead it a bit differently than before! So, at the very least I feel I should update with what I have been up to as of recent days.

Number One: The Cassie dh kit by The House That Jack Built -- lovely kit and I will soon be done with it. This is a cute little bungalow of a house, and it will be joining the Hickory Ridge Log Cabin, and The Heather dollhouse kits that I made for Relay for Life this year.

Number Two: I've been working diligently on the house... but find I have the same repetitive tasks of cleaning cat fur out of it night by night. It seems my supervisor has quite decided that while the house is here -- it is whether I realize it or not, PERFECT for him! lol Ah well, he's been fun to work with.  ;)

Number Three: I've been trying to get up the gumption for the last year to really give a go at combining my mini making with stained glass, another hobby I was talked into long ago when my mom wanted to take classes at the local college. Think I was a sophomore or junior in high school when we took those classes. Anyways, I've really been wanting to get back into the stained glass as well, and kept considering how to combine the two. I guess it just seems silly to me to see so many dh companies selling "greenhouses" that are made of plexiglass or very thin acetate like material. I've finally figured out where to get glass that is thinner and more in line with the dimensions I'm thinking of -- so tomorrow, I'm taking my first pattern out to the shop and seeing if I can't actually make something worthwhile besides indulging myself and having fun.

Number Four: Last but not least -- guess who has been asked or "commissioned" if you want to sound snobbish about it to build a dollhouse for someone else?!? That's right, little old me. A girl I went to high school with has seen several of my dollhouses that I've finished up and has asked me to make a farmhouse for her daughter for Christmas. I personally love the matter she's told me it will mean that much more that I make it -- and that she and her husband hope to keep it even after she's done with it for grandchildren!  :) She had initially requested this last year, but with her husband still over seas serving... Well, this is a gift they both wanted to be there for -- so this year it's definitely happening! So glad that they are both back together and safe!

Gives you(or at least it does me) a nice feeling to help build tomorrow's memories from today's dreams. Hope everyone else has been doing wonderfully! Oh, and last good point to share -- guess who's now managing to make all of her own shingles? That will be a for sure money saver for me! lol

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