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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Later than planned...

Seems to be my idiot theme on here, but I'm going to say better late than never! I know I was hoping to get pictures up of both The Heather dh and the DC Hickory Ridge Log Cabin up -- as it stands, y'all are going to be treated to pictures of the first. As for the cabin -- still no pictures, because I'm still having issues with clay. Keep hoping one of these days I'll figure out the key to air dry clay and not having it crack all to heck, just doesn't seem to be yet! lol

Anyways, for the Heather there were definitely several firsts with this little house! The shingling on the front gable is one example of this, as is the brick used to paper the exterior, also the dormer window -- first one I've made from scratch due to the opening being larger than those that are now sold by HBS. Another first would be that the windows and door on the ground level are all operational.  :) Other firsts that should be pointed out are the flooring on the second level, used cork flooring for the bedroom area, and attempted my first tile rug in the bathroom(think that's probably my favorite room in this house!)  Oh, and last first I can think of -- my first scratch made staircase!!!  Was super excited about that. lol

Here's a couple of shots of the living room...
 One of the kitchen, after taking the pictures I realized I needed to go back and touch up the trim in the upper right corner -- that has now thankfully been addressed!  ;)
 Quick picture of the bedroom area and scratch built stair surround, must admit I really liked the cork shelf liner as a floor in this room.
Then my favorite room, really had fun with this one -- both with the flooring and with the paper! This is the first house I've used all scrapbook paper for every room in the house, but I really liked this because it seemed to make it fairly cohesive in regards to the color scheme throughout. Going to leave you all with the last pic of the back of the house in it's entirety, and hopefully soon will have a few more pics to show of the cabin in it's completion with a chimney that's not cracked! lol (Crossing my fingers!!!)

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  1. Kelli,
    What amazing work! It's obvious you enjoyed doing all this work on this house--some many ideas and custom made items, and the house looks wonderful from the front and the back.

    Good luck with figuring out the paper clay situation.

    Iris & Judith