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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Finally, the cabin is finished!

Yuppers, you read that right! I gave up on the air dry clay for the chimney, what I was using was not satisfactory for my personal taste as to how I wanted this to look. I wanted it to look rustic, not falling apart and pathetic... Which sadly is exactly what my attempts with that clay looked like! lol I do realize I've not tried Paperclay as yet, namely b/c unless I order a bunch on-line I don't really have any store nearby which sells it. Not to mention, I've been coming across a bunch of recipes for clay that can be made at home. May see if I can't do a homemade version of that and see how well I like it.

Anyways, went to Walmart the other day and realized they are now carrying Sculpey. I realize most use poly clays for little things like foods, castings, or even dolls for their houses. I went crazy though and rolled out about two and a half of the four slabs that come in the box, and now have a pretty solid looking chimney. Basically just rolled the clay out 1/4 of an inch thick, used a mold I bought in the cake decorating section of a store long ago. This mold is not being used for anything but dollhouserie. Baked it, painted it, sealed it, and it's now glued on and making the cabin much nicer to my way of thinking -- more complete I suppose is the term I'm looking for.

Below, find some more pictures of this little cabin. Oh, and btw -- both the cabin and Heather were taken to my local contact for Relay for Life today. Had a nice lift in spirit when he stated he couldn't believe the detail in them, and how he really thought these would help out this year.  :)

 A quick picture from the back showing the interior. I did the floor using popsicle sticks, or craft sticks as they're being called now. The ceiling I chose to do a pine panel effect with Greenleaf siding strips to lighten up the inside of the cabin.
 Liked this picture because it really gets that full view effect of everything from the floor to the ceiling, and everything in between. If anyone's wondering, the interior walls initially were flat. However, after gluing the kit together I realized I didn't like how fake that looked to me. So went back with an awl and made them a bit more rustic if you will.
 Hoping if y'all click on the fireplace you may be able to see the ash I included. Got this trick from the GL forum of scraping some pastel chalk to get the look of ashes. Loved it!!!  :) Also, this fireplace when I received it was missing quite a few of the rocks, the mantle, and had nothing in it. Found some flagstone and was able to replace the missing rocks. Sanitized and baked some twigs to create the "logs", and then cut down a piece of pine and painted it to create the look of an older wood mantle. Truly enjoyed refurbishing something that I knew I wasn't looking to use anywhere, but was able to pass it on with this house and really felt like it added to the overall impression of the cabin!  :)
Last but not least a photo of the exterior chimney that gave me such issue. Still not "perfect" per se, but I like it a heck of a lot better than my previous attemps!  :)

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