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Friday, July 20, 2012

Never done...

Seems to be the miniaturists plight, or at least this miniaturist! Every time I'm convinced I've really and truly finished with a project, something else comes to mind that would make it just THAT much better. In this case it was the log cabin project... Just really couldn't envision it without a fireplace. Thankfully I had an older stone fireplace that came with another house and  batch of furniture I came into a while ago. That house called the Walmer French Victorian by some or French Chateau by others doesn't appear to be a house I see myself installing a stone fireplace quite so rustic as the one I received with it. Thus, I'm going to finish it up and repair what needs fixing(it's missing it's mantle) and then see if I can't make up a quick chimney to go with it and really make it look like it's always been there.

Was trying to go for a truly old-fashioned look with this cabin, along with a few updates here and there. I chose to do a different roof for the interior like some I've seen on more modern cabin finishes. Just took some Greenleaf strip flooring and used it like planking for the ceiling. Still rustic, but a bit lighter and brighter with this finish. I really think the last addition of the fireplace and chimney and I'll quit being bothered that it's not quite right... Hopefully. lol

Anyways, going back to sort through my scrap wood and see if I can't find a probable mantle piece. Hope everyone's had a good one. Til tomorrow...  :)


  1. Kelli,
    Dollhouses, like realhouses, are never finished!

    You're right--the cabin needs a fireplace. Then, it will be finished? hmmm....

    Iris March/Judith

  2. A log cabin sounds cozy! I know what you mean about always finding new things to do. I have to stop myself all the time.Your project sounds cute.


  3. Judith, you my dear are going to be a bad influence! lol I know it would never be truly finished if I were to keep it, but at least this way it will be more satisfactory to give away being slightly more finished... I hope! :)