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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fireplace is coming along...

Slowly but surely that is. lol Had several rocks that had come loose on it, and it was missing some trim along the bottom. Thankfully was able to locate the rocks and glue them back in place, as well as make a new piece of trim for the bottom. The interior has been repainted a flat black and has some new cleaned up(in other words baked) twigs, that have been glued in place. Think I'm still going to put another coat of Mod Podge matte finish over the twigs and possibly some pastel dust in burnt umber, black, and grey to give the look of some ash. The fireplace has also been given a new mantle.  :)

Last thing to finish up on the cabin is the rest of the chimney. I must admit this is a first for me, so I am doing it as simply as I can and still hope to have it sturdy enough to hold up to little hands. Simply got the measurement I needed for the height and width, and cut a piece of foamboard for the interior above the fireplace and then also a couple of pieces for the exterior chimney. I've not glued these in place quite yet, as I intend to cover them with some clay made to look like yet more stone. I know there will be a definite difference in the look of this from what the fireplace was made with -- but at the moment, with what options I have available, I think it's the best bet!

Hoping to upload pics of the little cabin, and The Heather dollhouse tomorrow. Again, both of these are being donated to my local chapter of Relay for Life. I really liked this idea, as quite simply I live in an area with a depressed economy and most kids around here wouldn't have even a glimmer of hope getting something like this under their Christmas trees. So if these may help to bring a few smiles around that time, as well as raising money for Cancer research -- have to say it just seems like a win/win situation to me.

Hope all's been going well for everyone, until tomorrow folks!  :)

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