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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Been a long time gone!

At least from here that is... Between new jobs and the basic point that I've been struggling with some health issues for the last little bit -- I took a longer than I thought breather from posting here. While I may still be dealing with some of those issues, I dare say I should be back and will be hopefully posting some pictures with-in the next few days of projects I've been working on and having fun with.

First off was a kit called the Heather that was put out by HBS and RGT back in the 80's I believe. A cute little house that has 4 rooms and has been finished completely in regards to the build. Had fun with this house as it is the first time I've used brick paper on the exterior, and the first from scratch made staircase for me!  :) Thought it turned out pretty cute, and for a donation house I hope it makes some little one very happy round abouts Christmas time.

I also worked on an older kit by Duracraft called the Hickory Ridge Log Cabin. If anyone wants instant gratification -- this kit needs to be on your list. lol I can honestly say it went together for me in less than an hour... Of course being a bit of a twit, I kept looking at it and thinking I didn't like the interior of it -- looked too flat in my opinion, so took it apart and used an awl to give it a more 3 dimensional look. Have to say I like it much better now. Other point that I did change up about this kit was the door. They have it so that the support beams are on the outside, and quite honestly I couldn't see that being historically accurate(nor could my folks -- whom have both expressed very definite opinions on this one ;) ). So I simply put the beams on the interior side of the door instead. Simple doorknob on this one, as opposed to the accuracy of the latch into a j-hook with a cord hanging on the outside of the door... But again, donation house and I was trying to keep this one as child friendly as possibly -- didn't even put in a plexiglass window like I wanted to, thus if it goes to a younger child of either sex -- they aught to be able to really play with it.

Anyways, that's my updates in regards to houses I've completed. I did actually invest in a Creatin Contest kit this year and have finally taken it out of the box to really consider. Though I've also been spending my last couple of days trying to re-organize and make it easier for me to get to things.With my mobility becoming seemingly more limited as the days wear on, I want to know I can still access what I need to without troubling others so much.

Have also been looking at The Storybook Cottage by Greenleaf and thinking of finally getting to the point of turning it into a vintagey/retro-ish flower shop. Not completely sure but that seems to be the direction I'm leaning towards with that one... Guess we shall see.

Until tomorrow folks!  :)

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