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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pictures of the Bungalow... Finally!

You read it right, I am finally as finished with this little house as ever I will be. Had reached the point I knew if I kept at it -- I'd just end up doing too much with it. As it stands I think this is a delightful house, and honestly lovely to put together! Again, it was The Cassie dollhouse by The House That Jack Built. Got it for a great price when it was on sale, and I only hope that whomever it may go to this holiday season may love it so much as I loved putting it together.  =)

 A quick shot that to me says "Come on in!"  Not sure the why of it, but I've always enjoyed pictures into dollhouses like this -- very much inviting you in to let your imaginations run wild. 
 A brief view of the front exterior of the house, truly did enjoy the color scheme on this one. Just really put me in mind of a beach side cottage -- weathering slowly but surely, even while the owners do their best to keep up with it. No matter what looking at this picture of it makes me smile...

Next, an overall view of the back of the house. Again, please remember if you click on the pictures they'll get bigger to show more detail. Besides the matter that all of the shingles were homemade(thus some of the variance in them, which I loved), but this house also boasts my first attempt at a built-in. Under the window in the bathroom I wanted to make the wall look more appropriate for a bathroom, thus the built-in idea was born. lol

Last but not least I wanted to show a picture of the lower floor. I do believe the kitchen is the most modern looking I've gone in decorating so far. Though the living room also was lovely in the making, completely different than I'd done before -- let alone considered doing, but I love the way it turned out. The last couple of pictures at the bottom are to show these in a bit better detail.

 The kitchen was completely finished with scrapbook papers -- and I must say, I had A LOT of fun with this! Truly wish I could get a better picture of the ceiling, it's an embossed paper with the look of numerous roses popping out. Puts me in mind of an extreme version of pressed tin!
 Last but not least is a picture of the living room, specifically the stairs! First time I've ever considered painting with a toothpick, but again I liked how they turned out... You can't tell in this picture I don't think, but in each of the stripes on the flooring paper there are extremely tiny fleur de lis that match the wainscoting. :)

From each of my house building experiences I'd like to think I walk away with a new bit of knowledge or understanding of self, and why it is I so enjoy these little gems. In this case -- two points came to me: no matter if you've not tried it, and you're not too sure if it'll work -- try it out, it may well surprise you how much that oddball idea will work. Second, even if you've never attempted something before -- it's just like real life, if you don't have the guts to try it, you'll just end up wondering how it may've been down the road. For myself I'm extremely glad I did try the different decorating techniques, as well as making so many bits and pieces for this myself -- shingles, window trim, built-ins, and stair decorating all get to be filed under "So glad I did it!"


  1. I love the checkered kitchen floor. You did a great job!

  2. Looks great! You have more patience than I have. I prefer doing small scenes!