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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Long Overdue...

First, let me just wish everyone a Happy New Year and a hopefully Merry holiday season, whatever it is you may celebrate. Mine was a little rough due to my own health issues and losing my boy Cory. I know his passing was a blessing, as he'd been fighting a battle that I can only be thankful I was by his side  so he wasn't alone. However, even knowing that that time is coming... I just don't think anyone is ever prepared to lose one they love -- whether they have fur or not. Suppose my one point I can truly be glad of, is that he died while wrapped in my arms being told how much he was loved. He was a truly special boy, and I will love and remember him always. <3

In a way, his passing inspired me to get to work on a project or two I've been letting sit due to not enough space while taking care of him and myself. But I thought now more than ever I needed something to keep me from dwelling on all that went ways other than I wished this last year. So I pulled out my Walmer French Colonial, and cleaned up my work space. I hope in this house... to put together something truly remarkable, try new and different things, while respecting older, experienced, and valued methods. All of which Cory helped me do in my life. I hope in this project to truly do honor to my memories of him. Not necessarily to honor him, because to be quite honest it's generally been the cats that have been most interested in the dollhouses. None the less, it will be special to me in regards to him.

So, a quick recap of what this dollhouse is. It stopped being produced in the 1970's, which makes it older than me by a bit. It has 12 rooms spread out over four floors, all of which average at least 13-14 inches square. This was termed as a "drop down" dollhouse, meaning it was slotted together and then held with wooden pegs. Quite amazing as when this is all together it measures over 4 feet in height, and I believe as much in length! The following is a pretty crappy picture of it, but this was taken a year ago plus when I first got it, and was making sure it would all go together. It was evidently painted this dark navy blue for the house body, light gray roofs, and white detailing in the factory. I can tell you all right now it will not stay these colors, nor when I am done with it will it have the same features. If you look at the picture you can see the chunky window details, while these were a general character trait of most Walmer houses I just don't like them in this case. I also hope to come up with something different for the front door. Bright side though, other than a lot of stain on the floor, and some excess use of glue on the stairs -- nothing at all was done with the interior. That's all for now, but wanted to catch everyone up as to where I've been, and where I hope to go for now. More updates next time, til then...  


  1. So sorry for your loss. :[ They always leave us too soon.

  2. I'm sorry for your loss. We've all been there with our fur babies. I'm glad he was loved. He's probably playing like a puppy now in heaven. :) But remember there are so many dogs waiting to be loved out there. I thought I'd never get another dog after my Fifi passed away. But then my Lizzie came into my life. What a blessing this sweet girl is- a gift from God.
    The new dollhouse has incredible style. I think it will be a gorgeous project!
    lots of big hugs♥,

  3. Brae, not sure why but I didn't get the update when you commented.

    Caroline, I hope sincerely he is -- as he most definitely deserves to be playing and having a ball. He quite literally saved my life innumerable times by alerting my family to when my blood sugar was dropping. As a diabetic, that's not something that you would generally come across unless they'd been trained for that specifically. He wasn't, but did it all on his own! He was truly a very special boy, and was loved for so very many reasons.

    He was a sort of rescue dog himself, left on my doorstep in a crate with AKC papers on top and a note simply stating that my upstair neighbors were breaking up and I was more of a dog person than they were. Never could understand how they could just give him up -- but found out I was the third home for him in a matter of 6 short months. Found out later he had been abused and watched my neighbors abuse each other -- took a while to get him over that. Can only be thankful that we each made the others' life better!